An Imperfect Guide To Combat Perfectionism

Simple things you can do right now

There’s somebody out there right now who’s doing what you want, making as much as you want to, and living your ideal life to its fullest. Maybe he doesn’t even have half of the skills you have. But he’s right there, living your dream life. Because he went for it. Because he didn’t wait until EVERYTHING is perfect.

When I got my first writing gig, I was shaking with anxiety when the deadlines came around. I wanted my articles to be perfect. To reflect the writer who I thought I should be but my inner critic never approved. In reality…

Okay, now don’t get me wrong.

I’m the biggest nerd when it comes to business books, training, membership groups, and all that fun stuff. I learned so much from reading the sales pages of incredible writers like Ben Settle, Victor O. Schwab, or Ann Handley.

And don’t even ask me to send over my 5 favorite pieces of sales copy because I will end up sending you 10.

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Maybe even 15.

One of the best things you could ever do to improve your copy is to obviously READ great copy. Reading great sales copy helps you with inspiration, understanding what…

In December 2017, I made it my life’s mission to make it as a freelance copywriter.

And when I say my “ life’s” mission, I mean that.

I literally thought it would take me a lifetime to make any sustainable income, especially when I considered my background.

I was a former dope addict living as an English teacher in Budapest at the time.

I had ZERO online business skills.

Like most people, I saw videos by VICE, CNN, YouTube, and other channels showcasing people who were traveling the world, setting up shop in Bali, Budapest, Medellin, and other places, living…

While your subject line can make or break your open rate, it remains a small ingredient in your email. You have other email design elements, like body copy, CTAs, GIFs, links, etc.

And your email message is a smaller part of the bigger email campaign. So, put that into perspective and remember that the context will determine the effectiveness of your email subject line.

Let’s examine some of the most popular subject lines that you can adapt to different purposes, and most importantly, why they’re very effective.

1. Your prayers are answered, {First Name}

A personal subject line that inspires hope and evokes curiosity. Most of all…

Do you batch-and-blast? Buying an email list and blasting people with generic messages? Some email marketers send tons of emails to tons of people, crossing their fingers that it would work.

But segmenting and personalizing your email messages will increase revenue by 50%. And that’s a ‘conservative’ estimation.

It’s super easy to create email list segments based on many factors. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

The days of “batch and blast” are gone. Welcome to the age of personalization.

If you need more convincing, check out these four reasons to segment your email list.

Create Happy Subscribers

No two…

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It’s infinitely important to recognize the relationship between strategies and tactics in email marketing. A strategy outlines the destination, but the tactics are all about how you’ll get there.

The following email marketing tips are bite-sized strategies that can cover as tactics. As you adapt them to your email marketing, you can expand or shrink their application according to your needs.

The only hard part is mustering the willingness to apply them, and the patience to optimize your conversion rate.

With that said, let’s stop wasting precious words on pep talks and get into these five email marketing mini-strategies.

The “Frequently bought together” and “Products related to this item” Amazon Strategy


Holidays are great opportunity to make more sales and grow your brand in the process. This season is special, people have enough savings for shopping. Yet, there’s a full swing pandemic-based recession. And the competition is vicious.

All these events happening at the same time presents a unique challenge to your brand. And that’s why you need to be fast with your responses, ruthless with your execution. You snooze, you loose.

Newsletter Content Calendar

First of all, you need a content calendar to know what you’re going to send, when, and to whom.

It’ll be your best friend during the holidays season as…

For every $1 you invest in email marketing, you get $42 in return. It’s very obvious why digital marketing experts favor email marketing over social media.

Why? Because email marketing is a fundamental block in your marketing funnel. It’s the best method to build and nurture relationships with your leads. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to establish trust, authority, and credibility with your subscribers.

But most importantly, it’s easier to keep people’s attention with email than social media.

Social media is free. Any marketer can start a Facebook Page, advertise their business, and build a fan base.

However, you aren’t…

Every email newsletter you send to your customers will make or break your brand image in their minds. It’s a big matter. The following tried-and-true email newsletter ideas will help you develop your brand.

The Discount:

People always appreciate a pleasant surprise. Every now and then, run a limited-time discount on your beson your best selling products. To make it work, focus on the value you give not the monetary gain. Not to mention, don’t share those discounts anywhere else.

We Are Hiring:

Don’t look outside of your email list for hired guns. Chances are there are a few subscribers who will be happy to…

The greatest email marketers are also the greatest planners. Planning a November newsletter is an exercise in holiday marketing. Why? Because November is chock-full of them, from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, to Cyber Monday.

As people welcome the chill of the Autumn by staying home and shopping, it presents a ripe opportunity to woo them with your holiday marketing emails.

Veteran’s Day AKA Remembrance Day:

As the name implies, Veteran’s Day is a day to remember the sacrifice of our brave troops. It’s also a day to honor living veterans. There’s a good chance that you have a few veterans on your email list.

At least…

Francis Nayan

Freelance Copywriter. From Memphis. Living in Budapest. I like green juice and croissants. Founder of Stories & Copywriting.

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